A Fresh Start to My Spiritual Writing and Why I Have Been Away

Welcome Back!

It has been a long time since I wrote on WordPress, or anywhere else, about my journey of awakening. This absence has been for two main reasons. One, my husband’s health worsened to the point where he had a major heart attack and to say my life became demanding after that is an understatement. The other reason is that I was feeling this pull away from writing online.

At first, it was because I had other things to attend to and because I was writing more in my day job so doing it outside work at first became harder. However, I realized recently that it was mainly to do with the way I had gone about setting up my last blog Empathic Healing.

Not only did the name of the blog no longer resonate with me, like I had moved on from that “phase” in my development, but I figured out recently that I could not monetize it. In the past, I had begun to look into doing courses and added donation links and all that. My higher self (light) made it clear that if I continued to do that it would taint my reason for writing: to help support you all with another voice of awakening.

New Beginnings – New Blog

I made a decision last week: I was going to start a brand new blog and make it completely free. Not only did I need the outlet to share my experiences, I knew it was time for me to start stepping up and contributing to the wealth of information that is increasing on the internet about ascension and awakening. Every voice matters as you never know when your words and your vibration will resonate with someone and help them in a way that no-one else could at that moment.

As it has been a while, I have many stories to share since I last wrote about this topic. So some of my posts will be reflections on what I have learned, and others will be in the moment coverage of my awakening in the now.

If you have been following me on Empathic Healing or any of my social media sites and want to keep up-to-date with my posts, I invite you to follow this blog as I will no longer be posting anywhere else. This is going to be my one outlet online.

Social media sites drain me and take up so much time, in fact, they are one of the reasons I stopped writing online and took an internet sabbatical. I just couldn’t invest the energy required to keep up with it all. There are some fantastic people and communities there, but it is just not for me anymore.

That said, if you wish to share my work on social media you are welcome to do so, I just will not be responding to comments there. If you want to open a dialog with me, you can comment on this blog or use my contact page.

Moving on to Start Anew

Empathic Healing has run its course, and sometimes, just like the need to move house when the building and neighborhood no longer resonate with you, I needed a fresh start for my work. I wanted a name that was unlikely to need upgrading because I had outgrown it like last time. I choose the name The Higher Light because there will always be another higher stair step up into the light (until we merge with Source!). So this felt like a good choice. The name is also a play on the phrase “the high life” but changing the connotation to be of a more spiritual nature.

I hope you will join me here at The Higher Light and find the work I do useful. I would love to hear your comments and thoughts along the way.

Keep shining,


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