June 2019 Energies: Hearing the Sound of the Earth

New tone

In the evening of June 1st, I started to hear a resonance wave whilst I was watching TV. To begin with, it felt like the sound of the TV would become slightly louder and then quieter in a regular pattern. Then when the TV was switched off, and I went to bed, I could tell it was a new tone ringing in my ear.

Last year I had an implant operation in one of my ears that had lost most of its ability to conduct sound properly. I’ve had tinnitus since I was six and began slowly losing my hearing when I was 25. So when I heard this new tone, I thought something might have gone wrong with my implant. I had taken a significant knock to the head a couple of days earlier, so I felt concerned it had dislodged something.

However, this didn’t quite sit right with me. Something in my gut was telling me otherwise. Had I heard something that I hadn’t tuned into before?

Schumann resonance

I knew about the Schumann resonance of the Earth. I was guided to try to see if what I was hearing was the same thing. I came across this binaural beat of the base frequency of the Earth (7.83 Hz). When I listened to it the first time it was almost exactly the same as this new tone in my ear, but the new tone I could hear was slightly higher in pitch.

I already knew that the Schumann resonance fluctuates. I decided to research it a bit and discovered along the way that it is affected by lightning:

“The [Schumann] resonance occurs when lightning disturbs ions in the atmosphere. The Earth’s atmosphere just happens to be of the proper dimensions for electromagnetic radiation of extreme low frequency to resonate, which is exacerbated by the lightning strikes. Schumann resonances are the principal background in the electromagnetic spectrum,[1] ranging from 3 to 60 Hz[2]–on the threshold of human hearing.” – rationalwiki.org

As it turns out, within the week of this occurring, there were several major lightning storms in my area. One came within a mile of our house and almost circled us before moving on. This was the closest a storm had come to us for a long time. After the release of this storm, I tried listening to the same binaural beat as before. I found the two tones were almost identical. There had been an obvious shift in the tone I was hearing. I felt confirmed that I was hearing the sound of the Earth.

Bringing the words forth

I felt this event significant enough to report even though I’ve been struggling to find words of late to put down on a page. There are plenty of things happening on my path, but nothing formulates into an article. I’ve not found the drive to put anything down in words. Some of it is beyond words, and the effort to translate it is too much under these intense energies.  I’m not even sure how to wrap up this article, even though I felt a push to write it. I had just not felt guided to share much yet while knowing I would be asked to do so more in the near future.

June energies

It feels like June is a large energetic gateway this year. So much is clearing from my body: some days I feel dense, other days I feel light again. Old patterns and programs are pulled out of my being, in some cases dragged out. Particularly in the sacral/solar plexus area. My dream state has been packed with timeline testing and collapsing, mass soul gatherings, meeting other aspects from my oversoul. I don’t remember much, but I know it is happening. A lot of souls are expending a lot of effort, all in preparation for the June energies, the Solstice, and the incoming eclipses.

So, having received this gift of hearing mother Earth this month and everything else that has gone on, I wonder what is next on this crazy, beautiful, painful, peaceful path.

Did anyone else experience anything at the beginning of June? Are you feeling the Soltices energies too? Let me know your experiences in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “June 2019 Energies: Hearing the Sound of the Earth

  1. Most definitely. This June, (of 2019 lol) has definitely been one to tax my ‘situational awareness’ due to the collapsing carbon timelines, while simultaneously merging into the crystal timelines.. what a riiiide… I did receive a message around the 12th , that another ‘critical mass’ has been achieved.. 😅 .. I know for certain that my ‘roles’ of Service have leveled up, if you will, with this massive influx of faster vibrating light ..

  2. Yeah, I’ve also felt this “leveling up”. It feels like a clearing of space too for a new wave of awakening in a masses. Can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

  3. Agreed!! .. btw! My name is Anne Lovell and I (mostly, lol) reside in Nashville TN.. always happy to sync UP with another Star traveling Sista 😍🤩 .. soon I’ll be posting my personal ‘cliff notes’ (pun, intended ) to navigating these ridiculously amazing higher vibes

  4. Hi Kyna,
    Yes, June 2019, sure was special. On Sunday June 2nd, I was just pottering around the house when 2 messages came through, as clear as if a person was speaking to me.

    The first message was,
    “This Shift is real. Mother earth is opening up her valves/ chakras to see that they are working properly.”

    Message 2 came in 90 minutes later and stated, “Mother Earth is firing up her codes.” ( which I got the sense was her ascension codes and everything else in between).

    Have been on the path for 20 years and never got messages so clear.
    Message 3 came in later in the month and stated that earth Merkaba ‘ascension spin’ had reached a critical mass for the first time ( ascension spin started in 2012) and could now no longer be stopped.

    Afterwards, I realised that it was Mother Earth speaking to me.
    Thanks for your article. Rwally enjoyed it👍

  5. Hi Joe,

    That is really interesting to hear!

    I’m glad you liked the article.

    It can be reassuring to see how other people’s experiences overlap with your own.

    I’m still hearing the resonance of mother Earth. Sometimes it gets really loud! Plus the energies are so much stronger now too.

    Take care,


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