July 2019: Contact with the Rose Cephalopods

After class

The night of July 25th, I was in an intense deep sleep state. I was in (or hovering around) a child’s body, maybe 6-8 years old. I was in school with a bunch of my friends the place was always dark no matter what time of day it was. There was a low vibration to the place. However, not knowing any better, we just accepted it.

There was an after school class that my friends and I chose to attend. The teacher was a woman in her late forties, early fifties. She smoked, had curly short hair, and was tall and stocky. The class was supposed to be about creative arts and expression, but it turned into a kind of agony aunt session. She would teach us about not being afraid to be ourselves, both at home and at school. She talked us through some difficulties some in the group were having and expressed outlooks on life that were contrary to what we had been taught but were encouraging and supportive.

The light

When the class came to an end we realized we had not created any art but had grown as people. We began walking home together in the dark, talking about what we had learned. The teacher came out of the building, locked up and joined us on the journey.

Then the sky began turning blue. The sun began shining. The dark clouds dissipated and we felt such joy. The entire group began running towards to light as if it was imperative that we got to the epicenter of it as soon as possible. Then we saw it. A large floating rose-colored Cephalopod was in the sky, similar to an Octopus but not quite (I couldn’t even see its eyes though I knew it could see). Its main body moved slowly as if it were a cloud, but it had countless thin tentacle-like tubes that reached down towards us and seemed to stretch as far as it needed. We ran towards the Cephalopod feeling this huge wave of love and joy. I knew it was friendly and meant us no harm.

As I got closer one of the tentacles unfurled in front of me. I felt along the length of it and it was soft and comforting, it almost felt like it patted me back. It had this shine to it, as if there was a thin moist membrane on its outer skin. I then looked for the end of the tentacle. I intuitively knew that connecting to it would allow us to communicate. I could see my friends reaching to do the same thing around me. When I found the end, instead of an opening (like the end of a trunk) I saw a small black scarab beetle. It screeched at me and I dropped the tentacle in fear. I remember feeling slightly bad that I did not control my emotional reaction enough to allow for communication. I wondered if it needed to bite me to make a connection.

I turned to my friends and told them what to expect so they would not make the same mistake. I saw that the teacher had already connected and was going up towards the Cephalopod until I could not see her anymore. Some of my friends did the same. Then it was over.

The computer

The next thing I remember was being home with the one remaining friend who had not gone with the Cephalopod. I remember wondering why we were left behind. Then our old computer turned on by itself (it looked early 80’s which fits with the age I was in the dream). There was a picture of our teacher sitting on a chair in an empty room. About 90% of the space around her was covered in the same color as the Cephalopod as if she was immersed in its field. However, the field around her left foot was thin and her toe stuck out into the dark.

It became clear she was acting as a conduit, a channel for the Cephalopod to communicate with us. There was a terminal on one monitor that translated some of the communication into words and then there was also a telepathic connection coming through with the images on the other screen.  However, the teacher’s personality wasn’t gone. I could ask her questions. It was like they were one entity (much like in the movie Avatar when they connect with the flying animals).

I asked the teacher “What does it feel like to have this connection?” No words came up on the screen, but my friend nudged me and I look at the other monitor and a series of images came up. They were of memories and places that had the same darkness as my school but they were being permeated with this rose field of love. The field covered most of the images but not all of it. I could feel this sense of release, peace, and love transmit directly to my heart. When it returned to the current image of the teacher, I could see the field around her left foot was waning. Now her entire foot was outside the field. I intuitively knew that there was a limit to how long she could hold this connection with us and stay in the rose field.

Then the Cephalopod began to ask me questions through the teacher. It asked me “When did you start to lose your intuitive abilities?”

I said “When I was about 4-5. I used to live in a rural area, very rural. Then I moved to the city and it was just too much.”

“Of course it was,” the Cephalopod replied.

Then I woke up.


I knew when I woke that this dream was important and that I had to write about it. There was no doubt in my heart that this was an alien contact but from a species that was already present on the Earth. Scientists have recently speculated that the Octopus may be alien and this certainly resonates with me.

Considering the body I was presenting in and the points of references to the time (such as the style of computer and clothing), this felt like working on inner child wounds.

The darkness that I was in was a reflection on how the vibration has shifted since that time in my life. I can see the darkness in a way I couldn’t see back then because of the contrast with current times. Of course, the shift to the city that I mention was an obvious shift into the dark. It had a different vibration, one I did not like, but I was not aware of the true depth of the darkness I was immersed in, most likely because I was choosing to shut down my ability to discern it around then.

With reflection and guidance from my higher self, I realized I was staying on the ground, rather than going up to the Cephalopod, because I was the best candidate for communicating from the ground up. That I needed to be where I was even though everything in my being wanted out of the dark and up into the light.

In my early days, I had this conflict between the part of me that was of the light that wanted back to Source, and the part of me that wanted to “fit in” and not be blamed for being me. It was an early wound in my childhood when I realized I had to forget my light, that this was part of my path. I would say “but I’m already there, why should I forget my connection to Source just so I can remember again?” I resisted that for a long time, but by the time I was the age that I was in this dream I had finally forgotten and let go. I was in such pain and I didn’t know why. However, given all that, I still had a role to play.

The scarab beetle that prevented me from joining with the Cephalopod, did it so I could play my role on the ground. It also has an Egyptian connection. It makes me wonder if there is a much older wound paying into this that is healing through this lifetime and this was why I resisted forgetting so much in my childhood in this lifetime.

I also wondered if my friends saw the same thing when they connected with the end of the tentacle? Perhaps I was the only one to see the beetle?

I also know if I had gone up to the Cephalopod, the teacher would not have risen. She was not only the best candidate for communicating from “up there” to “down here” but she also needed the healing that that field provided, as did my friends who went with her.

I’m sure there is much more to this dream that I can surmise right now, however, I was really compelled to write this down. This dream had a far higher lucidity and intensity than many others I have had of late. I know when I feel that, there is something important to learn as it is highly charged so I will remember it years from now as it becomes clear.

Has anyone else come into contact with these Cephalopods or with Octopi in a similar way? Do you have anything else you would like to share? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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