Nov 2019: Deep Clearing of Earth Energies

I saw a rather hopeful vision of Earth and her energetic state in a dream about a week ago. It was one of those nights where there were tons of intense dreams stacked tightly one after the other. They all had a feel of releasing the old and finishing out traumatic timelines, all but one.

Tilling the fields

I found myself in a house that reminded me of a place I had lived in before but not quite. My husband was there. I remember noticing that the white walls started to get brighter or cleaner, or the light penetrated deeper.

I remember going outside and saw, in the fields across the road, there was someone who reminded me of an old landlord (but again not quite). He was tilling the fields, where you dig up the old earth and make way for planting something new. There was a feeling of renewed energy, refreshed, and higher vibrations.

I managed, however, to get hung up on the fact he was a landlord (Lord of the Land). I noticed something arise in me, like this sense of indebtedness, of not belonging as the place I was in was rented and belonged to this man, a feeling of being owned. It did not arise because of anything the man did; it was me that projected that onto him. It was showing me that I had things to resolve around these issues and not feeling in control of my home.

Inside the Earth

Shortly after, I found myself in another location. Again it reminded me of another place I used to live. At some point, as I was going about my day, I looked up and saw the same man tilling the field nearby. This location was hundreds of miles away from the other one. Again there was this sense of clearing out the old for more light to come through and for the Earth to heal and raise her vibration.

I realized that this man was a representation of a great effort to clear the old dense energies from the Earth for the benefit of all.


At some point, he invited my husband and me into an underground structure, built into a hill. I could see that the “tilling” was being done in deep levels underground too. The space that was made underground for us to look around in had earthen walls, but there was nothing obvious holding it back. It was like the Earth just agreed to make this space for them.

The Earth in the walls looked uniform. There were no rocks or roots or anything like that. It was smooth and had the same feeling as the tilled fields above us. The deep cleansing was going right through the Earth. All of our history, locked in the Earth from eons past, was wiped clean, a new slate.

My husband and I wandered around this underground chamber for some time to explore it. There was a break room, and I got a sense there were others involved in the effort though I did not see them. There were even moments when my husband and I found ourselves surrounded by earth, but we could mold a path with our minds. The Earth responded to our wish. At some point, we found a normal looking door in the Earth and went through it and found ourselves coming out of the side of a hill.

The whole area had finished the tilling process and felt welcoming and beautiful in the light. I knew this process was happening all over the world, and it felt like we had reached a tipping point in the clearing process. A reNEWed Earth.


There is so much of human history buried in the Earth, and to feel it released was hugely powerful and freeing. We were no longer carrying the baggage of our past in our collective consciousness; it had been recycled to make way for the new.

I find myself drawn back to the feeling of that dream. It is lingering in my energy field, whispering to me to relax and let go. I don’t have to hold onto it anymore. To enjoy the release and the knowing that that part of our lives is over. Like the relief of not being in pain anymore. Where I live, there are tilled fields all around us. Every time I see them, I am reminded of this dream.

November has been a month of deep clearing, much like October was, however, it had a different feel to it. Like I can feel the loosening of the grip of attachment to the old. There is work still to do, but that sense of relief starting to seep into my bones. Of something letting go.

How has November been for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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